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MEAN STACK - MongoDB, express.js, AngularJS, node.js

Introduction to HTML

What is HTML, HTML Page Structure, What is Doctype?, Heading-Paragraphs, HTML Version, Line Breaks, HTML Tags., Introduction to elements of HTML, Meta Tag, Div Tag, Working with Text, Working with Lists, Tables, Working with Hyperlinks, Images, Working with Forms.,

Elements of HTML5

Header Tag, Footer Tag, Section Tag, Nav Tag, Aside Tag, Video Tag,

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets CSS

Concept of CSS, Creating Style Sheet, CSS Properties, CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts), Working with block elements and objects, Working with Lists and Tables , CSS Id and Class, Box Model(Introduction, Border properties, Padding, Properties, Margin properties), CSS Advanced( Display, Positioning, Floating, , Navigation Bar), 0 CSS Color, Creating page Layout and Site Designs., CSS3 Gradients, CSS3 Transitions,


Receiving User Input, Repeating Code, Basic PHP Development, How PHP scripts work, Basic PHP syntax, PHP data types, Operators, Variable manipulation, Dynamic variables, Static vs. Dynamic Optimization, Analytics, Analysis and ROI Concept, String Manipulation, Control Structures, Loops, Functions, Dynamic function calls, Variable scope, Accessing variable with the global statement, Function calls with the static statement, Setting default values for arguments, Passing arguments to a function by value and reference, Testing for function existence Arrays, 1D 2D Arrays, Working With The File System, Working with files and directories in PHP, Working With Forms, Super global variables, Super global array, A script to acquire user input, input, Combine HTML and PHP code, Using hidden fields, Redirecting the user, File upload and scripts, Delete a File, Working With Regular Expressions, The basic regular expressions, Matching patterns, Classes And Objects, Object oriented concepts, Define a class, Class attributes, An Object, Creating an object, Object properties, Object methods, Object constructors and destructors, Class constants, Static method, Class inheritance, Abstract classes, Final keyword, Implementing Interface, Object serialization, Understanding Advance and New, Checking for class and method existence, Iterators, Cookies, What is a Cookie?, Setting time in a cookie with PHP, Deleting a cookie, Creating session cookie, Working with the query string,

MySQL Database

MySQL Database, What is RDBMS technology?, Introduction to SQL, Connecting to the MYSQL, Selecting a database, Adding data to a table, Displaying returned data on Web pages, Finding the number of rows, Looping through database, Inserting data, Deleting data, Entering and updating data, Executing multiple queries, Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys, Understanding Database Normalization, Dealing with Dates and Times,


Introduction to client side scripting, Syntax Basics, a. JS Statements, b. JS Comments, c. JS Variables, d. JS Datatypes, JS Operators, JS Comparisons, JS Events, JS Objects, a. String Functions (Most Used), b. JS Math Functions (Most Used), c. JS Date Functions (Most Used), d. JS Array Functions and Property (Most Used), JS User Defined Functions, JavaScript Implementations, e. Implementing a Simple Calculator Using Javascript, f. JS Validations using Object Functions, g. S Validations using Regular Expressions,

JavaScript Document Object Model DOM and Browser Object Model

h. Introduction, i. DOM HTML, j. DOM CSS, k. DOM Events, 0 JS Browser Object Model, a. JS Cookies, b. JS Window, c. JS Location, d. JS Popups, e. JS Time,


Introduction and Installation, Syntax, jQuery Selectors, jQuery Events, jQuery Effects, a. jQuery Hide and Show Effect, b. jQuery Fade Effect, c. jQuery Slide Effect, d. jQuery Animate, jQuery Callbacks, jQuery and HTML, a. jQuery Get, b. jQuery Set, c. jQuery Add, d. jQuery Remove, e. jQuery css, f. jQuery Width, g. jQuery Height, jQuery UI, a. Implementing Accordion, b. Implementing Datepicker, c. Implementing Slider, d. Implementing Progessbar, e. Implementing Tabs,

Introduction to MongoDB and NodeJS

Starting a standalone mongod and connecting with shell, package.json: installing dependencies with npm, Connecting to mongodb with node.js, node.js concurrency and event loop fundamentals, require() basics, Using mocha for testing, package.json: npm run-script, Running mocha tests with gulp,

MongoDB schema design

Overview of retail application, Introduction to mongoose, Schema design principle: store what you query for, Schema design principle: principle of least cardinality, MongoDB indexes, Retail application schema: product, Retail application schema: category, Retail application schema: user and cart, Advanced mongoose features: virtuals, Advanced mongoose features: custom setters and sorting by currency,

NodeJS REST APIs with Express

What is a REST API?, Introduction to express, Dependency injection in NodeJS + ExpressJS, API-level TDD, Product API, Category API, Cart API, Integrating facebook oauth on the server-side, Integrating Stripe for payments, Integrating MongoDB Text Search, Integrating OpenExchangeRates,

Building an AngularJS client

Introduction: browserify and gulp-browserify, What is a single page app?, AngularJS philosophy and why it matters, Controllers, Services, Client-side routing, Facebook oauth token authentication, Category view, Product view, Cart view, Advanced topics: infinite scroll,

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