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Introduction to IOT

. Introduction, Definition & Characteristics of Iot, . Physical Design of Iot, Things in Iot, Iot Protocols, . Logical Design Of Iot, Iot Functional Blocks, Iot Communication Models, Iot Communication APIs, . Iot Enabling Technologies, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytic, Communication Protocols, Embedded Systems,

Embedded OS Fundamentals (Linux)

Introduction: Operating System Fundamentals, General Linux Architecture, Linux, Kernel, Linux file systems, ROOTFS, Sysfs and Procfs,, Embedded Linux: Booting Process in Linux, boot loaders, U-boot, Kernel Images,, Linux File systems., GNU Tools: gcc, gdb, gprof, Makefiles ,

The BeagleBone Hardware

Micro‐SD Card (for Flashing the BBB),External V Power Supply (for Flashing and Peripherals),Ethernet Cable (for Network Connection),HDMI Cable (for Connection to Monitors/Televisions),USB to Serial UART TTL . V (for Finding Problems), , Communicating with the BBB,Installing Drivers,Network Connections, Internet‐over‐USB,Regular Ethernet,Ethernet Crossover Cable,Communicating with the BBB,Serial Connection over USB,Serial Connection with the USB‐to‐TTL . V Cable,Connecting through Secure Shell (SSH),Secure Shell Connections using PuTTY,Chrome Apps: Secure Shell Client,Transferring Files Using PuTTY/psftp over SSH , , Booting the BeagleBone,The BeagleBone Bootloaders,Kernel Space and User Space,System V init (SysVinit) ,

BeagleBone Black Message Controller

BeagleBoneBlack, Connecting and operating BeagleBone Black, Configuring a new Linux Kernel, GIO pins setup and configuration, LCD setup and configuration, Message Controller, Main Application.

Machine to Machine Communication M2M

MQTT, Quality of services QoS, BeagleBone Black MQTT Publisher Client, MQTT brokers, Subscriber Client.

Final Project

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