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Basics of Embedded Systems

Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal interconversion. Basic Computer Architecture ( RAM, ROM, CPU, ALU, VON Neuman and Harvard architectures, etc ) Voltages and Currents. Pull Up Pull down resistors .

Introduction to ARM Cortex M

Image 5

We will be using above board containing STM32F4 microcontroller based on ARM 32 bit Cortex M4 processor. Basic intro to ARM Cortex M and its family of processors (32 bit). The Cortex M Architecture and important registers. Big Endian vs Little Endian

Keil uVision IDE and Assembly language

IDE Debugging and internal memory map. Introduction to Cortex M Assembly . Basic instruction set.

Embedded C

C Language Basics, Volatile keyword, I2C, SPI, UART, protocols. Preprocessors , Data sheets, Bitwise operators, Data structures. Manipulating memory using pointers. Blinking LED. Writing CMSIS compliant code . Clocks (HSI, HSE, PLL) Interrupts.

IO Programming, LCD and Keyboard interfacing , Timers

GPIO vs SPIO, LCD Controller ,LCD pinout and interfacing, LCD data transfer (4 bit and 8 bit mode), important registers. Keyboard pinout, internals and interfacing . Systick , General purpose timers.

Embedded Linux with Beaglebone Black

Image 5

Beaglebone Black to learn Embedded Linux. SoC includes ARM Cortex A8 CPU running Linux.SoC Overview. Peripherals Overview.

Embedded OS Fundamentals (Linux)

Introduction: Operating System Fundamentals, General Linux Architecture, Linux, Kernel, Linux file systems, ROOTFS, Sysfs and Procfs,, Embedded Linux: Booting Process in Linux, boot loaders, U-boot, Kernel Images,, Linux File systems., GNU Tools: gcc, gdb, gprof, Makefiles ,

More with Beaglebone

Linux booting on ARM boards. Software Components in the boot procedure- Bootloader (uBoot), Device Tree. Linux Kernel source tree. Interfacing with BeagleBone Black. Using sensors with Beaglebone black.

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