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An Introduction to C#

What is .NET?, What is the CLR?, The FCL, Primitive Types, Namespaces, Statements and Expressions, Operators,Reference Types, Value Types, The struct, Testing Reference Types, Testing Value Types, Passing Parameters, Strings, Boxing, The enum, Defining Types, Interfaces, Arrays, Assemblies,Constructors, Reference Types, Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Access Modifiers, Abstract Classes, Virtual Members, Static Classes, Sealed Classes, Partial Classes,

More C# with Object Oriented Programming

Classes and Objects,Primitive Procedural Preoccupations, The Big Encapsulation, Little Abstractions, The Inheritance Check, A Clean Interface, Directional Dependencies,

C# - Events, Properties, and Methods

Methods, Method Overloading, Fields, Properties, Events, Events - Delegates, Events - Subscribing, Events - Publishing, Indexers , Operator Overloading, Conversion Operators,

C# - Flow Control and Exceptions

Branching, Switching, Looping, Using foreach, Jumping, Returning and Yielding, Throwing Exceptions, Built-in Exceptions, Handling Exceptions, Chaining Catch Blocks, Finally, Re-throwing Exceptions, Custom Exceptions,

C# and the CLR

Garbage Collection, Threads, Async, Parallel, Reflection, Attributes, Custom Attributes, COM Interop, PInvoke,

C# and Generics

Why Generics?, Building Collections Without Generics, Generic Collections, Generic Parameters, Generic Constraints, Generic Methods, The default Keyword, Generic Interfaces, Generic Delegates, Variance,

C# and LINQ&

Extension Methods, Extensions and Lambdas, Lambdas and Funcs, Funcs and Expressions,

More Programming with C#

Prime Abstraction, A Higher Calling, Lazy Code, Timing and Retries, Partial Application and Currying, Asynch and Parallel, Multithreding,File I/O, Resource management with try/finally/using, Using XML serialization, Introducing assembly resolution, Deploying dependent assembly probing, Using a config file to control probing, ArrayList, Hashtable, SortedList, Stack and Queue,


Connected Architecture, Disconnected Architecture, Working with Transaction,

Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)

Windows Application using WPF, Data Binding, Data Template, Styles, Commands,


Web Application using ASP.NET, ASP.NET Architecture, Control-based Programming, User Interface Elements, Deployment, Web Sites, Applications, and Virtual Directories in IIS, ASP.NET Diagnostics and Health Monitoring,Data Binding, State Management, Validation, Caching,URL Authorization, Forms authentication, Role-based authorization, Trimming site maps with roles, Config file encryption, ASP.NET Membership, Resources and Internationalization,HTTP Pipeline, Custom Controls, Web Parts, Web Services,ASP.NET Ajax Introduction, ASP.NET Ajax Server Controls, ASP.NET Ajax Server Data, ASP.NET Ajax Client-side Library, ASP.NET Ajax Control Toolkit,Web Application using MVC Pattern, Razor View, Controller, Model,Introducing the Entity Framework, Code First Approach,

C# 6, C# 7.

New features of C# 6, C# 7.

Final Project

Business Application development

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